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The debate about if technology can replace paper is a never ending one. In the meanwhile a lot of so called old-school people will always agree that you can take away the magic that the print medium has. Be it cards or movie posters, or pamphlets, flyers, or the beautiful looking invitation cards. Sending one online just doesn’t have the same impact, or magic as they say!

Some more, especially the book readers will also agree that the feeling of reading from a book in your hand, flipping pages as you read through each chapter is irreplaceable. Swiping your finger across the glass screen is just not the same. Every time someone refers to print media form we immediately think of paper. However, today we are advances enough to print on ceramic, stone and fabrics as well.

Why Online Printing?

We don’t really have time to make handmade cards for our friends or on special occasions, however, that does not really mean we don’t feel the same way. While our feelings have remained the same our means of expressing them are a little different now. With the help of technology you can convey your thoughts and emotions in a less time consuming manner. Printing photographs, picture collages or even doodles are a nice way to personalize gifts and at the same time make sure you don’t turn it into a mess.

You can print personalized invitation cards and make customized ones depending on your guest list. Print those in bulk and you can also choose to print different designs for them. Or you could make a set of tee shirts for you gang and have their names printed out. We’re friends and were going to stick together! This also includes shirts for events or for your new work team.

If you’re stating your own business, having a visiting card made in your name is a different feeling all together. You can also print business cards, special invitation cards for your birthday party, or even envelopes and deals. You name it and we can get it made!

Save some money and time!

While you’re printing out your tee-shirts or that trendy invitation card, you can do it online through Vistaprint, Printvenue, Printstop and other online printing stores. Now that you don’t have to go through the effort of going to a store, spending time picking from the same old designs and bargaining for prices, CrazzyDiscounts is set to make this experience even better!

With CrazzyDiscounts you can avail some great discount and cashback offers on your print orders! We update our website regularly with some amazing deals and you can take advantage of these and save some money on your purchase!

In case you forgot all this will also be delivered at your doorstep at the expected date and you need to make a dozen phone calls to check if it is ready or trouble yourself to have it picked up from the vendor! Happy printing!