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Footwear, every woman's favorite word

Most women dream about having a walk in wardrobe, what they don’t mention is the shoes section. Or maybe its implied or just a default. Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend but it’s the shoes that take them around, literally! Most of us love them, they come in all shapes and different colors and there are endless possibilities. There’s something for every occasion and something when there’s no occasion at all.

There are types, and there are so many of them. Like the simple ballet flats, they’re comfortable and best for travelling, or on that one day picnic or anywhere you would want to go. You can use some dark tones for work or go a little wild with animal prints. They are also available with tassels and bows and a lot of other options. Or those canvas sneakers that look amazing paired with jeans, or skirts, or your favorite pair of shorts or just about anything. A pair of canvas shoes can never go wrong!

Boots look smart and compliment your edgy look, they’re bold and elegant all at the same time, you could walk a ramp or just beat someone up, and you never know what could happen when you put on a pair of boots! While boots may be all action-heroish, flats are for those beautiful occasions when you want to be comfortable and look bright and summery doing just that, they’re the better version of flip-flops and they’re a hit!

Pumps, I think they’re called that because of all the confidence they pump into you. It’s a different feeling when you stand tall wearing a pair of pumps, unless you can walk wearing one of these. In that case wedges are a better idea, since they are more comfortable and will put less strain on your foot.

All these will make sure you’re ready for those dinner dates and dancing nights. What else do you need? A pair of sport shoes, for those morning walks and gym shoes to stay fit too. Well you’ll definitely be motivated to wake up every morning and get your dose of daily health!

For everyone who thought shoes are just shoes and how does it even matter, try saying that to a woman and you’ll probably find one of these shows flying right at your face! I’d suggest you don’t try this at home! Here’s what you can do.

Men's Footwear Sale and Discount offer

They say people always notice your shoes first and probably make an opinion about you based on the same. If that has even an iota of truth in it, you can afford to be wearing footwear that makes you look bad. While women have an overflowing shoe rack and something for almost every occasion, or even to match every color, men don’t think about footwear as much. You’ll probably find a pair of formal shoes, a pair of sport shoes, the sneakers, and chappals! But there’s more that the footwear world has to offer, and there’s something for every occasion.

Here are a few pairs you must have in your shoe rack

Black leather shoes, these are an absolute must for every man! They’re classy, and elegant and perfect for your formal look. Black is a perfect color for all combinations, and looks sober for all occasions, including those board meetings and your friend’s wedding. A pair of gym shoes, having a gym membership is not really a prerequisite for this one. These are perfect for those casual dinners, when you want to look sporty. Apart from that, they’ll motivate you to wake up every morning and hit the gym!

Flip-flops they’re casual and perfect for those beach trips in the summer and are comfy. You can use them for those small trips and to run errands and get work done quickly! A pair of sneakers, these are an absolute must, they look great with everything and are available in a wide range of colors. You can play around and play it cool with these!

Loafers, every man needs a pair of these. They’re comfortable and look classy with everything. They’re perfect for your office and you can get ones with tassels and buckles, or just plain leather ones. Chukkas are a comfortable and look sharp, these are set to make an impression on anyone and everyone you meet. They’re strong, and you won’t have a problem chasing someone down to rescue a friend wearing these!

Boots are probably every man’s dream, especially the ones with a military print on them. They look stylist and probably symbolize masculinity in the traditional sense, who wouldn’t want a pair of these?

Sounds like a long list already? Well there are a lot of other options, and you don’t have to go store to store exploring all of them. Just shop online. All it takes is multiple tabs, if you plan to spend the whole day shopping you could get some snacks ready, make sure you don’t get tired!

Save while you shop!

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