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Ethnic Wear, The clothes of festivity!

Indian clothes reflect the culture and tradition of India. Bandhani from Rajasthan and Gujarat, Paithani from Maharashtra, Ikat from Andhra Pradesh, Kasuti from Karnataka, Kanchipuran from Tamil Nadu or the paintings from Rajasthan, everything about Ethnic Indian clothes is very alluring. Trends in the ethnic clothing have evolved a lot from the straight cut suits to short kurtis with patiyala to Anarkalis to ankle touching kurtis. Many fashion designers around the world are inspired by Indian ethnic clothes and are creating fabulous designs.

Perks of shopping Ethnic Wear online

The varieties you find online cannot be found together in one shop, because it isn’t possible physically. The varieties, colour combinations and unique silhouettes are so many that you would want to buy everything you see. You can also get many discounts online which local stores won’t offer. Being in trend is so easy. Being in vogue a lot easier while shopping ethnic wear online as all trendy outfits are on sale.

Online shopping has made it a lot easier for those who have a busy schedule and is difficult to go out specially for buying clothes. With so many occasions lined up, it becomes very hectic to take a holiday and roam around to find the perfect clothes. There are many online stores which also offer you customised clothes, which you can fit well in your budget, thanks to CrazzyDiscounts for all the amazing discounts. The way the ethnic clothes are presented online also gives you a fair idea of how to style, which is very helpful indeed.

When you shop online you get the choice of sizes which sometimes aren’t available in stores. You no more need to feel embarrassed for no reason.

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Men today are more conscious of what they wear and if they look presentable or not. One might think that women are all so concerned about what to wear for friend’s weddings, or those pujas, while men just put on a pair of formals. Not so easy anymore. We dress up, and in India, we never fall short of occasions. It’s festive every month and an ethnic collection will always work well. There are a lot of available options and there’s something for everyone!

Here is how you can go about selecting the perfect ethnic outfit for yourself

Decide what you are looking for, from kurtas to sherwani’s to jackets, there are a lot of options when it comes to ethnic wear. Depending on the occasion, or if there isn’t any, invest in something more versatile, something that has its way out of the wardrobe more than just once. Find something that matches your taste and suits your frame.

Pick a fabric that is rich and of good quality, a poor fabric will not only wear out soon but will look bad too. You wouldn’t want to look bad in a family photo, would you? Some fabrics are too heavy and uncomfortable too. Opt for something that doesn’t feel like a burden, that way you feel annoyed when you wear it and it won’t stop you from showing off your moves at the sangeet!

The color and design are next on the list! Depending on your skin tone and body frame pick a color that enhances your body structure. If you’re thin, find prints that are bigger, or shades that add a little flesh, or make you look well built. Pick patterns or embroidery designs that are not too much, but don’t keep it too simple either. If it’s for an occasion you could pick colors that compliment your spouse’s attire as well. Color co-ordinate this season!

Make sure it fits you perfect, a bad fitting one can make you look funny, or even fat on some days; or even shorter than you are. The length and cut are also important factors. Try one on before you buy it, or look at its details really carefully. You may also consult a designer, or anyone who understands fabrics well.

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