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It’s the 21st century and we have everything at our finger tips. We can work three times faster and accomplish more than we could maybe a few decades ago. But we also get bored really often, and we can’t imagine living a life with just one 7 pm program and then nothing to do the whole time. We need entertainment and we need it now! We like being busy and most of us often wonder what did the world do before the internet was invented, or before we came up with TVs. That will probably always be a mystery.

So, with the numerous options available, how do you keep yourself entertained these days? We all seem to be finding an answer to that. Surprisingly there is a lot that we can do; and it need not be one monotonous thing. Since that would also soon get boring! Here’s what you can do.

Need to escape, but flight tickets are too expensive and you love having a job? No problem, there this beautiful thing that allows you to travel without moving. Sounds like magic? May be it is, they’re these amazing things called books. You can read, read about anything under the sun, and with so much literature and so many genres, there’s something for everyone, from action to magic, from thrillers to romance, find your love and don’t let it go!

If you’re someone whose face had any other expression apart from sheer delight when you read the word book, you are probably a movie person. Well, that’s okay too. Movies are another way to escape your routine. Go to a theater, watch a movie and it’s almost like being transported to a different world. It definitely leaves you feeling entertained and you can slip back into your world in 3 hours!

Other entertainment options include gaming, or just music. Do what makes you happy and you’ll be just fine!


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