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As kids, all of us loved toys and there was this one toy that would be a personal favorite; one that we were extremely possessive about and just wouldn’t want to share. The bonds that kids form with their toys is amazing and while it might all look like fun and play, there is a lot of learning that takes place too; both social and emotional. Picking the perfect toy can be a task, but we can help you with that.


Step one is to figure out what your kid wants. Honestly, there is nothing more disappointing than a toy you don’t want, or getting another one when you made it very obvious that you wanted something. So make sure you know what your kids want. If you think it is something inappropriate, get them a toy that is similar, or involves the same activity. Kids are very particular about toys, and sometimes they just want something that the neighbor’s kid has.

Look for something that is appropriate for the kid’s age. You may find something that sounds fun to you but may not fit into a 3 year old’s idea of fun. So, look for toys that suit your kid’s age. Most toys have an age group mentioned on the box. If you plan to buy a board game, or something that requires multiple players, make sure your kid has company when he/ she wants to play.

Kids these days love electronic toys like the remote controlled car, or the robot or machine gun. They are noisy and can get annoying after a while. Find something that you can deal with too, because buying a toy that your kid is not allowed to play with makes no sense. If your kid is too young, look for games and toys that improve their motor skills. Board games are for kids that have grown up a little and can understand rules and play by them.

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